Tim Lefort (DJ TL) joins TGA on guitar and synths

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How psyched are we to add Tim Lefort to the lineup? DJ TL joining us has not only opened new doors musically, but also helps fill the void of parting with longtime original member, Craig Cameron.

"It's hard to point to Tim and just call him a guitarist. He's a multi-instrumensalist for sure. I can't decide if he's a better Dj, synth programmer or producer."

The New Years 2011 marked a new start for The Grey Area. We wanted to try something different and get a fresh perspective on our live performances. Joined by TL and featuring John Medieros of Asleep in A Box, we took the stage at the end of December interested in something fearless. more »

New material on the way, check some out

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We've got new tracks availble to download soon on our music page and BandCamp or Soundcloud. Look for us playing around Boston this summer, we'll be playing the new tracks. more »

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